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Our privacy policy explains the WHAT, HOW and WHY of the information that we collect when you visit our websites or using our services.


1.1 Influenter A/S, Influenter A/S, CVR-nr 34626855, Copenhagen / Hammerensgade 1, 1267 København K(“We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Influenter”), a legal limited liability company incorporated in Denmark has established the Influenter platform, and the related subpages; kommunalt.dk, salgtilkommuner.dk and influenter.dk. We provide you with information on how you get the municipalities as your customers, how a municipality works, and news about Influenter, lobbyism and sales to the municipalities.

1.2 If You have any questions or wish to contact Us, You may contact Us by sending an email to: info@influentersecurity.com.

When you accept this Privacy Policy

16.1 Influenter processes personal data in accordance with this privacy policy. When You accept this privacy policy, You consent to personal data regarding You being processed as set out below. Your consent is voluntary and may at any time be withdrawn by You by contacting us as set out below.

16.2 If You have any questions, comments or complains to how We process personal data, You can always contact us on info@influentersecurity.com

16.3 You may also file a complaint regarding our processing of personal data relating to You with the Danish Data Protection Agency. Read more about how to contact the Danish Data Protection Agency here: https://www.datatilsynet.dk/english/the-danish-data-protection-agency/contact/

16.4 Influenter is the controller of the processed personal data, and We ensure that personal data is processed in compliance with the law.

We collect and process a variety of personal data

16.5 We collect and process a variety of personal data relating to You. The personal data We process may be obtained directly from You and any devices you may use when you: use our Services, register for an account with Us, provide Us information on a web form, chat, send messages, when you otherwise correspond with Us regarding our Services or from Our third party partners and include the following types of data:

Personal information you provided Us with when You use Our Services or register for an account with Us

Contact information and any other information provided by You to Us.

Identifying and contact information such as Your name, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses when You register for an account with Us.

Booking, buying and/or selling information You provide during a transaction, or other interest-based content use that You generate or that is connected to Your account as a result of a transaction you are involved in.

Other content that You generate, or that is connected to Your account (such as adding interests, topics of interest, rating, and following other topics).

Your bank and payment information (such as credit card or bank account numbers) in connection with Your transaction, deposit payment, payment and/or out payment and transaction history.

Billing and other information You used to book and purchase any of our services, as well as, where services are provided through one of Our functions, information required to work properly (such as IP numbers).

In some instances, when You use Our Services, You may provide age, gender, interests and favourites.

You may also provide Us other information through a web form, by updating or adding information to Your account, through Your participation in messaging, chats, dispute resolution, or when You otherwise correspond with Us regarding Our Services.

Additional information We are required or authorised by applicable national laws to collect and process in order to authenticate or identify you or to verify the information We have collected.

Personal information We collect automatically when You use Our Services or register for an account with Us

We also collect information about Your interaction with our Services, Your advertising preferences and Your communications with Us. This is information We receive from the devices (including mobile devices) You use when You use Our Services, register for an account with Us, provide Us information on a web form, update or add information to Your account, participate in messaging, chats, or dispute resolution, or when You otherwise correspond with Us regarding Our Services. This information comprises the following: Device ID or unique identifier, device type, ID for advertising and unique device token.

Geo-location and Time zone information, including location information from Your mobile device (keep in mind that most mobile devices allow you to control or disable the use of location services by any application on Your mobile device in the device’s settings’ menu).

Computer and connection information such as statistics on Your page views, traffic to and from the sites, referral URL, ad data, Your IP address, Your browsing history and Your web log information.

Personal information We collect using cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies

We use cookies, web beacons, unique identifiers and similar technologies to collect information about the pages You view, the links You click and other actions You take on Our Services, within Our advertising or email content. For more information about Our use of these technologies and how to control them, see Our information on Cookies, Web Beacons and Similar Technologies (Cookies (https://influenter.dk/cookies/))

Personal information from other sources

We may supplement the information We collect with information from third parties and add it to Your account information. For example, We may collect and use demographic information that is publicly available, additional contact information, credit check information and information from credit bureaus, as allowed by applicable national laws.

We may allow You to share information with social media sites, or use social media sites to create Your account or to connect Your account with the respective social media site. Those social media sites may give Us automatically access to certain personal information retained by them about You (e.g., content viewed by You, content liked by You and information about the advertisements You have been shown or may have clicked on). You control the personal information You allow Us to have access to through the privacy settings on the applicable social media site and the permissions You give Us when You grant Us access to Your personal information retained by the respective social media site about You. By associating an account managed by a social media site with Your account and authorizing Us to have access to this information, You agree that we may collect, use and retain the information provided by these social media sites in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

How we use your personal data and information

16.6 When We process and use Your personal data and information, We may do it for the following purposes: to provide and improve any services requested by You as set out in the Terms, hereunder to improve the Site, provide You with a personalised experience (especially, by offering You services and Offers that You may like), to contact You regarding Your account and Our Services, to provide You customer service, to provide You with personalised promotion, advertising and marketing, and to detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities, ensure statistical and/or scientific research which may be used to improve Our Site and/or Services and ensuring Influenter’s compliance with any applicable law or other statutory requirements.

We may use and retain Your personal information as follows:

Provide, improve and personalise Our Services

Provide access to and use of Our Services.

Offer You site functions and content that includes Offers and services that You may like.

We may create and give You access to updated or new tools, improvements to Our Site and/or Services based on statistical and/or scientific research.

Give You access to your transaction (purchase) history, scores, bids, internal messages and other features.

Customise, measure and improve Our Services

Provide other services requested by You as described when We collect the information

We may use Geo-location and Time zone information to provide You with location based services (such as Time Slots, Booking time, advertising, search results and other personalised content).

Contact You about Your account and provide You customer service

Contact You to notify you regarding Your account, to troubleshoot problems with Your account, to resolve a dispute, to collect fees or money owed, to poll Your opinions through surveys or questionnaires, or as otherwise necessary to provide You customer service.

Contact You as necessary to enforce Our Terms of Use agreement, applicable national laws and any agreement we may have with you.

For these purposes We may contact You via email, Our message system, telephone or text messages.

Personalise Our advertising and marketing communications

Personalise, measure and improve our advertising based on Your advertising customisation preferences.

Contact You, either via email or Our message system in order to promote or inform You about Our Services and news.

Deliver targeted marketing, service updates and promotional Offers based on Your communication preferences.

Prevent, detect, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities

Prevent, detect, mitigate and investigate fraud, security breaches, potentially prohibited or illegal activities.

Enforce Our Privacy Policy, Our Terms of User Agreement or other Influenter policies.

You have a choice about how We use Your personal information to communicate with You, to send You marketing information, how we provide You with customised and relevant advertising, and whether You want to stay signed in to Your account.

Communication preferences

You can control the communications preferences settings and choose which newsletters and promotions You want to receive in your Account Settings.

Marketing and Advertising

If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from Us, You can unsubscribe from the link in the email You received. Change Your Preferences in your Account Settings.

Signed in

When You sign in to Your account, We may give You the option to stay signed in to Your account for a certain period of time. If You are using a public or shared computer, We encourage You not to choose to stay signed in. You or any other user of the computer/browser You signed in on will be able to view and access most parts of Your account and take certain specific actions during this signed in period without any further authorisation. The specific actions and account activities that You or any other user of this computer/browser may take include:

  • View order details and change the profile page
  • Conduct after-sale activities, such as leaving Feedback, canceling orders or submitting claims
  • Attempt to change Your password and email

You can typically end Your signed in session by either signing out and/or clearing Your cookies. If You have certain browser privacy settings enabled, simply closing Your browser may also end Your signed in session. If You are using a public or shared computer You should sign out and/or clear Your cookies when You are done using our Services in order to protect Your account and Your personal information.

When do we stop processing personal data

16.7 We will stop processing personal data relating to You, when such processing is no longer relevant, hereunder if the personal data is deleted by You. As a general rule We will stop processing personal data regarding You 2 years after You or We terminate Your User Account. However, We may process personal data for longer if We are required to do so by law.

16.8 Some personal information relating to You may be made publicly available on the Site for other users to see in order to enable Our provision of the Services, hereunder your public User Account information and information provided by You in Offers or Bookings.

Personal data may also be provided to our business partners

16.9 Personal data may also be provided to our business partners (third party service providers) who help Us to provide our Services, payment processing services, assist Us in providing customised content and/or advertising, to assist Us with the prevention, detection, mitigation and investigation of potentially illegal acts, violations of our Terms of Use Agreement, fraud and/or security breaches, bill collection and other business operations. Hereunder hosting providers: storing and protecting Our data, IT and Site, financial institutions: facilitating validating and securing payments, and preventing, detecting, mitigating and investigating potentially illegal acts, fraud and/or security breaches, marketing systems: featuring email distribution, automated messages and/or notifications, targeted campaigns and detailed reports, communication technologies: featuring video dialogue/interaction, messages, share screens and files, peer-to-peer statistics and detailed reports, advertising systems: featuring personalised content, target/retarget advertising, data analysis and detailed reports, consultants that help and support in legal and financial affairs, web & IT support and development, data handling and processing, marketing and campaign planning, customer support and communication in order to enable them to assist us with realising the purposes set out above in clause 16.6. Apart from as set out in this clause 16.9, we do not provide personal data relating to You to third parties.

16.10 You may, subject to any limitations under applicable law, at any time contact us as set out in clause 16.2 in order to find out the following:

  1. Which personal data relating to You We process,
  2. from where we have received such personal data relating to You,
  3. for what purposes we are processing such personal data relating to You,
  4. for how long we will keep personal data relating to You, and/or
  5. which third parties (if any) that are provided with access to personal data relating to You and for what purpose such access is provided.

16.11 You may, subject to any limitations under applicable law, at any time contact us as set out in clause 16.2 in order to have any inaccurate, irrelevant or wrong personal data relating to You which we process rectified and/or erased. You may also always update any information in Your User Account.