Our mission is simple. Help Defence Industries compete in unfamiliar markets.

European-Based Front Door

Based in the heart of Europe, Influenter Security is extremely well positioned to assume your company’s ‘front door’ role.

With strong military expertise and civilian insights, Influenter Security can not only represent your company to both civilian and military decision makers, but engage and act as a true interlocutor; establishing a European footprint for your company.

Advocacy and Representation
Influenter Security offers far more than traditional lobbying and consulting. We assume a greater role as an in-place / in-theater representative of your company. We dedicate the time to learn, understand and market your product-line to potential customers. Just as important, we remain in-place and responsive to your customer(s), after the sale.

Fostering Decision Maker Relationships
Given the geographic locations of our offices, Influenter Security regularly attends and engages at key regional functions, fostering relationships and building trust with key leaders / decision makers. Within the European business culture, all experts agree that relationships and trust are extremely important. When defending the importance of the NATO Alliance, a former SACEUR stated, “You can’t surge trust.” He’s correct, in both European defense and European business.

High Return / Low Cost
Influenter Security’s business model is designed to create a cost-effective avenue to gain and maintain access to European markets. We eliminate traditional overhead expenses that often make it cost-prohibitive for U.S. Defense companies to set up offices. Influenter Security leverages a burden-sharing construct, further reducing costs to our clients and has pre-established permission to work and do business in Europe, eliminating many administrative and legal challenges.