Strategic Forecasting

Influenter Security understands the interdependences between the nations‘ political dynamics and the defense acquisition processes and planning.  Based on our team’s military and departmental/ministerial backgrounds, we understand how requirements are defined / validated and how to influence this process by identifying and engaging the appropriate decision makers at the right time.

We also possess the insights as to how defense procurements are built across multi-year programmatic funding lines and when to engage in the process.  Influenter Security supports our clients in identifying their unique selling points that are appealing to governments and decision makers.

We know the process, the timing, and the right entry points to get our clients‘ products on the political agenda: the key pieces to securing defense procurement tenders.

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NATO Nations

Through well-established contacts and relationships to NATO nations, our understanding of NATO, and our European basing, the Influenter Security team maintains relevant insights into and understanding of individual NATO nations acquisitions processes, including how their defense bidding rounds are conducted. Such insights can prove advantageous and thus profitable for our clients seeking Influenter Security’s consulting in how to get NATO nations as their customers and how to bid on defense tenders.

European Union

Being part of the Influenter Group, Influenter Security benefits from Influenter’s expertise within the European Union. This provides Influenter Security an avenue to the European Union.  With our insight and understanding of the EU, Influenter Security can support you in acquiring the EU as a potential new market.

Non-Governmental Organizations – NGOs

The diversity of Influenter Security, the Influenter Group team, contacts, and network provides us with a destinctive understanding of the interaction between NGOs, governments and defense. Based on this unique set of relationships, Influenter Security is extremely well-positioned to help identify dual-use opportunities for our clients’ products, which is often equally attractive to most NGOs.