Persistent Forward Presence

Bridging the U.S. Defense Market and Europe

Influtenter Security was formed specifically to help U.S. Defense Industries better compete in the European market space.  Our business model maximizes engagement opportunities placing both customer and consumer in a common time zone.  This eliminates the six to nine-hour time difference faced by U.S. based companies.  Best case, U.S. Defense companies are afforded two hours of daily engagement; a huge disadvantage compared to  in-theater competitors.

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Access to Emerging Requirements

Because our skilled staff maintains sustained engagement with European defense leaders, Influenter Security continually identifies emerging requirements well before they become formalized or public.  We not only provide these pre-defined requirements to you, but Influenter Security also works with you to formulate a competitive strategy to secure the future tender.

By working left of the requirement, Influenter Security ensures the maximum impact and influence: positioning our clients becomes part of the preferred solution.

Strong Regional USG Relationships

With robust military expertise and numerous U.S. Embassy assignments across Europe, Influenter Security possesses well-established relationships as well as an operational experience within the U.S. Government (USG) corporate culture.  Influenter Security continually engages with U.S. Governmental entities such as Defense Attachés (DATT), Defense Cooperation Officers (ODC), Bilateral Affairs Officers (BAO), Deputy Chief of Missions (DCM) and, in some cases, directly with Ambassadors.

Such engagements further advance the opportunities of our clients.  Some members maintain a TS/SCI clearance.