Connecting and Integrating Partners

As a representative of numerous defense sectors, Influenter Security is extremely well-positioned to craft hybrid multi-client solutions that leverage strategic partnering in a rapid and dynamic way, enabling our clients the ‘first shot / first kill’ on emerging requirement opportunities across Europe.

Responsiveness to Existing Customers

If you have established customers in Europe, Influenter Security stands ready to assume the role of your Europe-based office. In doing so, your existing customer can contact Influenter Security in a common time zone during the normal business day. More importantly, within hours few Influenter Security can be face-to-face with your customer, should the need arise.

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Dual-Use & Sustainable Solutions

Through our insights into the interconnectivity between civilian and military requirements, Influenter Security is extremely focused on the potential of dual-use, and actively works on identifying areas where our clients’ products can be promoted as dual-use in order to increase their market share.

We furthermore acknowledge the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all United Nations Member States regarding sustainable solutions. Influenter Security focuses on how our clients’ products can become part of a sustainable solution for defenses around the globe, and provides knowledge and insights on how defenses can become more sustainable in their strategies and operations.