Today, Influenter Group is proud to announce its newest venture, Influenter Security.

Based in the heart of Europe, Influenter Security will focus on affording their clients a better and more effective avenue to compete within the defense procurement arena. Leading this effort, Influenter Group is proud to introduce Jeffrey Fischer, MBA, MS, MA, as the Executive Director and Co-Founder. A retired US senior military officer, Jeff has nearly a decade of experience in Europe with assignments ranging from diplomatic missions to NATO Special Operations Headquarters. He is also a seasoned Headquarters Air Force staff officer.

The CEO of Influenter Group, Henrik Hahn-Nissen, touts the selection of Fischer as the perfect fit. “Jeff has an exceptional pedigree and Influenter Group wanted him from the moment we met.” When questioned on such a bold statement, Hahn-Nissen replied, “Jeff has immense value. He has an extremely unique skill set situated in the heart of Europe with access to six national capitals in less than a day’s travel. That’s simply unprecedented.”

As the vision for Influenter Security developed, Hahn-Nissen envisioned a leader with strategic level skillsets, networks and proven successes. “Jeff has a track record for formulating effective, creative strategies, and more importantly, the dedication and energy to execute.”

Jeffrey Fischer

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Henrik Hahn-Nissen

CEO – Influenter Group