In an interesting development, Chairman of the Board Louise Hahn-Nissen announced Influenter Group is positioning itself to become a key player in the European Defense marketspace. Specifically, Influenter Group plans to create an entity not only maintains forward and persistent presence in the market space, but also an active advocacy roll and voice for foreign companies external to Europe.

According to Hahn-Nissen, the Europe defense market space has numerous barriers. Many defense companies are poorly or under represented when both attempting to compete as well as gain early insight to opportunities. This is due to numerous factors. Often, foreign defense companies anchor business development efforts outside of Europe. Such a construct creates blind spots as companies fail to keep a finger on the market space pulse. Numerous press articles highlight even Europe based companies fail to gain timely information on emerging opportunities.

This problem is only exacerbated by companies whose business development personnel visit Europe occasionally. Influenter Group believes these challenges demonstrate a clear opportunity for defense industries to gain a competitive advantage.

Worth highlighting, the timing of the roll out is being driven by recent events. Due to COVID-19, travel limitations only increase the value of such a construct. Defense industry travel into Europe is almost non-existent and unrealistic for the foreseeable future — further enhancing the demand for in-place / on-continent representation. Hahn-Nissen is convinced companies are already reevaluating their business development models to adapt to a forward presence construct.